Otis Civilian Advisory Council Inc

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Welcome to the Otis Civilian Advisory Council, we have been Serving the military and their families since 1947.  Our history is storied with many great members who have dedicated themselves to supporting our military and their families. As you can see by our services we have many great programs and enormous opportunities to help and interact with the best our country has to offer. Their and their families sacrifices  for us, many times go un-noticed.  This is our and your way to show our gratitude. 

Below is a membership application you can print out and send to mailing address shown on form. If you know a member who can sponsor you, please contact them. If not please do not hesitate, just send in a filled out application and someone from the membership committee will contact you.

Our Dues are $45 a year, each additional family member is discounted 20%

Military and their family members Stationed at the Base or CG Sector can join at no cost Just fill out form and state your command group.